Boxing reflex ball

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  • Product Code: PSQ800
  • Product Colour: PU ball: red and black Rubber ball: red Tennis ball: yellow 4 kinds of headbands.


LOVE elastic headband (25cm long and 3.8cm wide)

Nylon Headband (Magic Stick, D Ring, 70cm in length and 3.8cm in width)

Boxing Silicone Headband (Magic Stick, 65 cm long, 1.5 cm wide)

Boxing Silicone Headband with Ring (Magic Sticking, Ring, 65.5 cm long, 1.5 cm wide)

Ball Category:

PU ball: environmentally friendly PU foam, 6cm in diameter, 25g. (Red, black is optional)

Rubber ball: natural rubber, diameter 6cm, 85g. (Red, black is optional)

Tennis: Natural Rubber Inner Bile + Chemical Fiber Needle Hair, 6.5 cm in diameter, 65g (yellow, red optional)

4 kinds of headbands and 3 kinds of balls, you can match as you like.

Included Packaging: OPP bag or color box.